‘It’s always an honour working collaboratively with our clients to create truly unique jewellery designs, to be cherished for generations to come’ Georgie & Frankie


We love getting to know you, learning your tastes and style, helping to inspire the creative journey for your new jewel. Every commission starts with an initial inspiration consultation.  

Afterwards, we get to work on designing and sourcing gemstones & diamonds to meet your design brief. At a follow up appointment we present and discuss our ideas with you in detail before work begins with our goldsmiths.

While vintage inspired designs are our passion, we love to keep up to date with modern jewellery design and making techniques, with our goldsmiths offering traditional hand crafted or digital designs. Both techniques are exquisitely set and finished by hand, giving every piece that individuality and hand crafted feel.


One of our greatest passions is to transform your unworn or inherited treasures into new jewellery designs you cannot bear to take off!!

Whether a complete re-design, where we take your gemstones and gold and design a completely new jewel, to making very small changes bringing back to life your much loved treasure.

What jewels do you have hidden away you no longer wear? Let us help you to re-design them into a new family heirloom.

Here are just a few of our recent commissions....

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